Bahar Momeni باهار مومنی

Born in the cultural tapestry of Iran, Bahar has evolved into a multi-faceted writer, poet, and translator, currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Literature at The University of Texas at Dallas. She also imparts her love for creative writing as an instructor at UTD. Bahar's oeuvre in Farsi and English has found homes in a diverse array of platforms—from highly regarded literary journals to influential anthologies—across Iran, Europe, and the United States. These curated pieces delve into women's resilience, struggles, and quotidian resistance, establishing her as a significant voice in contemporary literature. In 2023, Bahar's literary excellence was formally acknowledged when she received the "Outstanding Emerging BIPOC Creator Award" from The University of Texas at Austin. This distinguished honor attests to her impact as a BIPOC creator, whose work makes substantive contributions to both the artistic and academic communities. Currently engrossed in her debut semi-autobiographical graphic novel, The Trees We Carry, Bahar aims to extend her discourse on identity, displacement, and resistance. This highly anticipated project serves as a crossroads for her intellectual inquiries and her creative abilities. With a body of work that seamlessly fuses scholarly rigor with literary finesse, Bahar has firmly established herself as a vital force in the interdisciplinary dialogue that spans from academia to the cultural sphere.

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