Brook Vasquez



From a young age, Brook aspired to be an author. She read and daydreamed constantly, filling notebooks with stories about adorable creatures who learned life lessons on their grand adventures. At some point, however, life and logic got in the way. Brook stopped writing and decided to, instead, pursue a degree in psychology, eventually earning a Master’s of Arts in Counseling. She has practiced as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner for the past several years, working with individuals across the lifespan, including children as young as two years old and their families. She spends her days educating and supporting her clients on emotional awareness and regulation skills, often bringing creative techniques into the therapy room in an effort to make these concepts more tangible. Brook began writing again a few years ago, sticking with some of the themes that inspired her writings in childhood. Her career and her own children’s big feelings have served as inspiration for much of her work, and she strives to personify and teach social emotional topics in fun, engaging ways. Brook believes that picture books are meant for people of all ages, and she dreams of someday retiring as a children’s librarian. Brook lives in Nebraska with her husband, son, daughter, and two dogs.

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