Catherine Siphron

For the last 17 years, Catherine Siphron has been teaching at Campbell Hall, a K-12 private school in Los Angeles. She currently teaches Mindfulness, Financial Literacy & Wellness, and high school English, applying her knowledge and experience to help adolescents live with greater ease. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley in both English and Art History and her MA in English from Middlebury College. Catherine completed Susan Kaiser Greenland’s Inner Kids Professional Training, which focuses on how to teach mindfulness to children and teens, and also received her Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. Using her knowledge and passion for the education of our youth, she created The Science of Mindfulness, the first-of-its-kind elective for teens that earns academic credit through the Cal State and University of California systems. She also released a mindfulness series for Audible Originals entitled Press Pause: A Young Person’s Guide to Managing Life’s Challenges. As a teacher, Catherine leads meditation groups, sharing the transformative power of mindfulness with students, faculty, parents, and adults. In addition, Catherine does speaking engagements and leads meditations at corporate events. At her tiny home in the foothills of Glendale, she enjoys the outdoors with her German Shepherd whose crooked tooth smile brings her joy.