A Sky of Paper Stars

By Susie Yi

Paper Girl is a heartrending middle-grade graphic novel about a girl’s ill-fated wish to fit in, perfect for readers of Stargazing and Pashmina. All Yuna wants is to belong. She wants to go to sleepovers, have a smart phone, and go to summer camp—just like her friends in middle school. Furious at her Umma for never packing her a “normal” American lunch, they get into yet another fight. Out of options and miserable, Yuna remembers a legend that her grandma, Halmoni, told her. If you fold 1,000 paper stars, you will be granted one wish. When she reaches 1,000 paper stars, Yuna wishes for her family to move back to Korea, where she can finally be normal. Seconds later: a knock at her door. It’s her sister with devastating news. Halmoni has died and they must go back to Korea to attend the funeral. Yuna knows this is all her fault. As her guilt builds, her body begins to turn into paper. Yuna realizes she must undo her wish and bring her Halmoni back—or turn into paper forever. Wholly heartbreaking and with light touches of magic realism, Paper Girl is a captivating graphic novel about identity, family, and the love that can bridge generations.