Amazing, Weird, Mind-blowing Facts for Curious Minds from TheDadLab

By Sergei Urban

From popular online educational sensation TheDadLab comes an amazingly weird collection of over 300 mind-blowing facts and eight activities for curious minds!

Did you know?

· Giraffes can't swim, but kangaroos are surprisingly good at it!

· All watermelons have an even number of stripes

· Honey we can eat today has been found in 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs!

· Every odd number contains the letter 'e'

· If you were at Point Nemo in the ocean, you'd be closer to astronauts in space than anyone on Earth!

From biology and real-life super animals to engineering and flying cars, plus space, maths, geography and so much more, learn the best curious facts to blow your mind! Educational sensation TheDadLab will teach you how to wow your friends with facts and stagger your family with knowledge. Get stuck into eight brilliantly fun experiments and activities at the end of each chapter too to find out just how incredible our universe is...

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'The greatest adventures begin with a single spark of curiosity!'