Danny Loves Pasta: 75+ fun and colorful pasta shapes, patterns, sauces, and more

By Danny Freeman

Master the art of pretty—and delicious—pasta!

Danny Freeman loves pasta. In Danny Loves Pasta, he teaches you how to make your own colorful and creative fresh pasta, unlike anything you can find at the store.

With no special equipment needed, you can take simple ingredients like flour, eggs, beets, and spinach, and turn them into vibrant works of delicious pasta art in every color of the rainbow. This book features:

- 8 easy dough recipes (vegan and gluten-free options included)

- 17 ways to add color (with all-natural ingredients!)

- 14 foundations for pattern making, from Tie-Dye to Spirals

- 14 traditional pasta shapes, from Tagliatelle to Farfalle

- 17 new pasta shapes, from Candy to Rose Ravioli

- 25 fun fillings and sauces, from Spinach-Ricotta Filling to Pizza Pasta

Choose your dough, pattern, shape, and filling, then pair your creations with the perfect sauce for a delicious meal any day of the week. The pastabilities are endless!


“I was first drawn to Danny for his strong family values and love of pasta—it reminded me so much of my own upbringing. Danny is truly an edible artist. I’m so in awe of the beautifully natural and playful way that he creates pastas of all shapes, colors, and designs. The only thing missing from this book is my ability to buy all of the amazing pastas he makes!”—Giada De Laurentiis, chef, restaurateur, and founder of Giadzy.com

“Danny’s videos put a smile on my face every day, and this book is everything we know him for and more. Super creative, fun, and personal, but also a masterclass in everything you need to know about pasta. This book looks good on the coffee table, but you’ll probably find it in the kitchen covered in flour because there’s just so much to learn!”—Poppy O’Toole, author of Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need and judge on Young MasterChef UK

“Gorgeously shot and so wonderfully personal, Danny injects a deeply needed sense of fun and whimsy to the oftentimes serious and methodical world of pasta. Every recipe is an encouragement to dare to try something different for no other reason than the sake of joy, which makes Danny Loves Pasta perfect for anyone who might want to try making pasta for the first time. Because of that same element of fun, some lifelong experts might learn a thing or two from him as well.”—Jon Kung, content creator and cookbook author

“Danny’s ode to pasta is simply a joy. From delicate tortellini wrapped in thin multi-colored pinstripes—a genius technique that I now happily use in my own doughs—to ravioli shaped like delightful succulents, Danny Loves Pasta is a book that pushes the boundaries of what pasta can be in the most friendly and approachable way. Every recipe is a love letter to the art of pasta, where shapes and fillings from the traditional to whimsical have turned my kitchen into a playground of flour and creativity. The results look like edible art, but I don’t stare for too long. In the end, the pasta is simply too delicious not to eat.”—Frankie Gaw, author of First-Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese-American Home and creator of Little Fat Boy