Everyday Smiles: Finding Joy in Every Moment

By Guy Kopsombut

The book that wants to help you smile! With positive, motivational comics and concise prompts and activities to promote self-reflection, Everyday Smiles helps you focus on the day-to-day joys that already exist in your life. Everyday Smiles is written and drawn by Guy Kopsombut, creator of the wholesome webcomic 4amShower. In the book, you will find 75 percent brand-new 4amShower comics and 25 percent fan favorites, along with illustrated self-reflection and activity pages. As you go through the book, cute animals will prompt you with questions to help you find the joys in everyday life. Two pages of cute, irresistible stickers are bound into the back of the book! While there is much good being done in the world, our society has a way of focusing on the negative, which can leave people feeling pessimistic and cynical. Having to deal with these issues on top of our own day-to-day struggles can leave any person feeling fatigued, depressed, and filled with anxiety. And, for many, getting through to the next day can be the biggest challenge facing them in the moment. Not only can a smile provide you with warmth but also hope. Everyday Smiles is a collection of comics, activities, and prompts that can help you take a moment to enjoy the small pleasures in life.