Lead with Faith, Play with Purpose: A 100-Day Devotional for Athletes

By Andy Dooley

As an athlete, you train your body and mind to be ready for competition. But what about your soul? Lead with Faith, Play with Purpose is your guide to exercising your faith, with Andy Dooley as your trainer.

As a professional athlete turned pastor--and a passionate leader, Seattle Seahawks in-game host, social media influencer, and fitness trainer--Andy Dooley knows all about sports and what it takes to be a Christian on and off the field, court, or wherever you may play. A 100-day devotional written to encourage and guide athletes of any age, level, or sport, Lead with Faith, Play with Purpose is just what you need to integrate your faith into what you love to do--play your sport.

Let Dooley be your spiritual trainer and coach you to:

- Become a better teammate in four simple steps

- Discover effective ways to handle stress before a competition

- Identify how God is working through your sport to make you more like him

- Understand and embrace your calling as a Christian who is also an athlete

Physical training has value for our lives here on earth, yet it holds zero weight for the eternal. If you learn to be tenacious about living a godly life now as you also strive to become a better athlete and teammate, you'll change the trajectory of your life.