Momnesia: A Humorous Guide to Surviving Your Post-Baby Brain

By Adrienne Hedger

Lack of sleep, hormone overload, and a tiny human being that requires constant attention--it all conspires to extinguish a new mom's brain. What rises in its place is a brain that's fuzzy, and focused only on the basics: food, poop, and sleep. That, my friend, is a case of momnesia. This hilarious how-to guide, full of coping tips, brain boosters, diagrams, and anecdotes, can help moms reclaim their brains. More important, Momnesia also maintains a mom's sense of humor as she leaves her car keys in the freezer, forgets her husband's name, or accidentally runs over the diaper bag (again). Momnesia is a sweet and funny gift that's perfect for celebrating baby showers and congratulating new moms. * Momnesia is packed with small bits of baby-themed humor, tips, quizzes, cartoons, lists, and more that empathize with the ups and downs of motherhood. * It's a great companion book to the authors' work about breastfeeding, cleverly titled If These Boobs Could Talk. * It's a fact: momnesia happens. In early 2008, CNN reported a study that found 82 percent of women claimed some type of absentmindedness during pregnancy and shortly after giving birth, including memory loss and an inability to concentrate.