Nancy Wins at Friendship

By Olivia Jaimes

From critically acclaimed cartoonist Olivia Jaimes, this fresh new spin on the beloved comic Nancy will delight young readers with its honest and comically ingenious depiction of its mischievous, larger-than-life main character.

Life is going great for Nancy. She’s enjoying school, having fun with her friends, and has even earned a spot on the Robotics Club. But when the pandemic forces everyone to stay home and go to school online, she develops a bad case of the blues. Fortunately, nothing can keep Nancy’s spirit down for too long—not with her ingenious imagination, epic talent for mischief, and the loyal companionship of friends like Sluggo, Agnes, Esther, Lucy, and her dog, Poochie.

By highlighting one young girl’s resilience and daily adventures, this collection of Nancy comics provides a funny, lighthearted look at the challenges and small delights experienced by kids everywhere in recent years. Perfect for reluctant readers with an appetite for humor, Nancy and Friends accurately depicts school and social life in the 21st century and will be a joy for parents and teachers as well as children.