Peculiar Woods: The Mystery of the Intelligents

By Andrés J. Colmenares

In the second book of the colorful and imaginative Peculiar Woods series, Iggie and friends get to the bottom of the mystery of the Flooded City and team up to discover the fascinating secrets of their enchanted hometown.

Iggie and friends are back in this second book in the exciting Peculiar Woods series—and not a moment too soon! Iggie's friend, the curmudgeonly chair Boris, has been kidnapped and taken to the mysterious underground prison beneath the school. With help from Angie, his courageous neighbor and friend, Iggie sets out to rescue Boris but quickly gets caught up in a new series of adventures.

Questions abound: Who are the mysterious "Intelligents" they keep hearing about? What—or who—caused the nearby town to flood? And could the same thing happen to Peculiar Woods? This charming adventure stars two headstrong, determined children and a host of amusing talking objects and features the signature art and humor of Andrés Colmenares, whose work is familiar to millions across the globe.