Pup Talks: 50+ Pep Talks from Your Favorite Furry Friends

By Lindsey Smith

For the tail-wagging days and the ruff ones ahead, receive the ultimate pep talk from pups in this 50+ card deck of paws-itive affirmations.

Rawrrf! Arf arf! Translation: I'm here fur you--something we all need to hear once in a while. And who better to deliver the message than one of our most trusted companions? Whether you are looking for barks of encouragement or a dose of inspiration, this deck is bursting with four-legged words of wisdom to lift your spirits and wag your tail. An adorable gift for dog lovers, this deck can be used to decipher a beloved pup's barks of confidence, love, and affection to fully understand and embrace their messages of unconditional love just when they're needed most.

CUTE DOGS OF ALL KINDS: A deck made for dog lovers! Each card features a unique illustration of a breed or type of dog (e.g., the adopted dog, the three-legged dog, the lap dog) along with a pup talk based on the dog's unique attributes, characteristics, and quirks. For instance, the Siberian Husky says, "Work together with your fur-ends. You are not alone." And the English Bulldog advises, "Go at the pace that's paw-fect for you. There is no rush."

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Enjoy this deck any way you want. Pick a card daily, monthly, or whenever you need a dose of inspiration. Or get your pup involved, fan out the cards, and teach your dog to choose a card with their paw!

A PERFECT GIFT: Fun, charming, and adorable, this boxed deck is the perfect gift for those searching for lighthearted inspiration and words of wisdom from the best floofs around. Perfect for:

Dog lovers of all ages

People seeking inspiration, a pick-me-up, or a laugh

Gift for a new dog owner or from the dog for owner's birthday or special occasion

Fans of affirmation cards, unique card decks, and lighthearted self-help tools