The Great Pencil Quest: Another Wallace the Brave Adventure

By Will Henry

In this new collection of Wallace The Brave comics, Wallace and friends Spud, Sterling, Amelia, and Rose, get in all kinds of trouble as they explore Snug Harbor in search of sea monsters, fun, and adventure.

For years, Wallace and his friend Spud have dreamed of sharpening the giant pencil known as "Big Betty." With their teacher, Mrs. Macintosh, getting a new sharpener, this dream may finally come true—but not without some perilous twists and turns. Among many other adventures, Wallace and friends explore the caves of Snug Harbor in search of sea monsters, make a fort in a cornfield, and try to evade the school's ban on pizza delivery during class. Award-winning cartoonist Will Henry's beautiful watercolor comics and storytelling will entertain reluctant readers—and bold explorers—of all ages, especially fans of classic comics like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes.