The Light in My Bunny

By Luna Vargas

Conejo glowed like a whole universe of stars--until one day he didn't seem as bright as before.

In Conejo the bunny, Selena's found her best friend: he's cuddly, curious, and magical. He glows! But one day, Conejo's light begins to dim. Selena tries everything to bring back his glow, from covering Conejo with lights to giving him many, many pets . . . but nothing works. As Conejo's lights continue to flicker,Selena must prepare for when his light goes out entirely.

Through luminous illustrations, The Light in My Bunny offers a gentle look into the experience of pet loss, and comforts readers with the reminder that through love and memory, the light of our loved ones never goes out. Sensitive and humane, Selena and Conejo's story helps readers understand and process the grief of losing someone slowly--a much-needed angle in the grief resource space. The Light in My Bunny softly reminds young readers: You are not alone.