Today I Noticed

Today I Noticed is a simple, fun mindfulness practice based on the transformative power of paying attention. When we slow down and notice the little moments of everyday life, we appreciate the sweetness, humor, and joy that’s around us and within us.

Brand Creators: Deborah Huber and Willow Older

Bring out the best in every team

We lead tailored, interactive workshops and presentations to help organizations and teams of all sizes connect, focus, and thrive.

Our workshops offer a fun, practical way to boost mindfulness and gratitude, which neuroscience shows can deepen our sense of connection to, and compassion for, others. Research shows that when companies and team leaders are intentional about integrating empathy and trust into their culture, every aspect of work improves, from collaboration to communication to creativity.

We work in both virtual and in-person formats including “lunch and learn” engagements, warm-up or breakout sessions during planning or strategy sessions, and providing mindfulness content at corporate events and conferences.