Stephanie K. Wright

Award-winning author and speaker. Mundane work escape artist and expert drudgery dodger. Bookstore wanderer. Sci-fi semi-nerd. Lifelong logophile. Having been pummeled by tedious work speak for decades, Stephanie finally escaped the confines of lackluster conference rooms and set her mind to showing people how to unleash the imaginative power of words. Stephanie believes that work does not have to be stale, disheartening, or anxiety-provoking. Sunday nights should not be filled with a sense of sonntagsleerung*. We spend too much time at work, thinking about work, or preparing for work to dread the place. Work can be interesting, entertaining, lively and heck, even positive. Stephanie knows that the right words can help us create the work world we crave – even if it’s just in our own little bubble. And she writes handy dandy guidebooks that uplift our workdays and our work moods. Stephanie calls enchantingly drippy Seattle home where she lives with a mess of beautiful misfits, including her politely playful pittie Mei, a too-happy-to-be-a-respectable cat called Hubble and one glorious ginger shitten named Atwood. Stephanie also volunteers in animal rescue and is a speaking coach for women entering politics. *Sonntagsleerung: The creeping sense of discomfort or foreboding one feels as Sunday starts to drift closer and closer to Monday.

Stephanie is available for in-person and/or virtual speaking events and visits. She is located in Seattle, Washington.