Stephanie K. Wright

Why do we recycle the same 20,000 words over and over when we have 273,000 English language words (more or less) at our disposal? Why?!? This relentless question ricocheted around Stephanie’s brain as she sat in hundreds of wearisome meetings and stared at thousands of uninspired emails. Pummeled by tedious work speak for decades, Stephanie finally escaped the confines of stale conference rooms and set her mind to showing people how to unleash the imaginative power of words. As an award-winning author and speaker, Stephanie harnesses the magic of witty and weird words to transform the mundane in our lives into at least the fairly interesting, if not the downright delightful. She creates handy tools to help people up their own word game. Her philosophy? Words are designed to do your bidding. Let them. Stephanie calls enchantingly drippy Seattle home where she lives with a mess of beautiful misfits, including her effervescent pibble Mei, a too-happy-to-be-a-respectable cat called Hubble and one glorious shitten named Atwood.